Website Design

Professional, Clean, & Modern. We use content management systems like Joomla! and WordPress, which allow you to have control over your own website. No coding experience is necessary and we provide all the training you need.

Comprehensive SEO

Potential clients will find you with comprehensive on and off page SEO, which includes Social Networking, Blog & Content Writing, Google Analytics, and Google Maps. Our SEO program will give you a prominent place on the Web.

Content Writing

Have an attorney, insurance agent, or accountant write blog posts, Facebook posts or Tweets, on timely, relevant topics. Social media posts are one of the best ways to build inbound links and demonstrate to potential clients your expertise.

Why We are Different

We are not just an ordinary web design and SEO company:

  • Our team is comprised of SEO experts who are also attorneys, insurance agents, and accountants.
  • We use only White Hat SEO so you know your website won't be penalized by search engines.
  • We know how to write content for your business because we have worked in your field.
  • Our prices are reasonable and geared for small to medium law firms.
  • We provide extensive training so you have control over your own website.
  • We understand the rules of ethics regarding web advertising and make sure your website is compliant.
  • We are able to explain SEO and web design to anyone, even if you don't know much about the web at all.
  • We work fast and we get results.

We all know that no one uses the phone book anymore. With smartphones and computers readily available, the Internet has become the new phonebook. The Internet has so much more to offer businesses than the phonebook or any static advertising ever did, and at a fraction of the cost. A web presence is vital to any business, and unlike most advertising, your website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can easily adjust the content on your website, and you can have virtually unlimited pages. You are not limited to just a small box in which to fit the most important information about your business.

A strong web presence requires just that - a presence. Credibility comes from redundancy. When potential clients see you have a website and are listed on Google Maps and have a Facebook page and Twitter account, a blog that is updated frequently, a LinkedIn Profile, and good reviews on various professional websites, these potential clients will see that you are a well established business - and trust you.

We can create a strong web presence for your firm. Doing so is a detailed process that requires extensive knowledge of how search engines like Google find and index websites, how people use the web to search for information, a comprehensive understanding of your business, and how to tie everything together so that on the Internet your business is ubiquitous. At In the Know SEO, we have the unique skills necessary to successfully market your business on the web.