In the Know SEO is comprised of a team of search engine optimization experts, overseen by team leaders who are also professionals in their own right, as lawyers, insurance agents, accountants, and paralegals.  This unique combination of experience gives our SEO clients an advantage that other SEO companies simply cannot provide. 

We already have an in depth understanding of how your business works, what your clients are looking for, how you operate, and what professional rules you must abide by in advertising.

An SEO company that works with a multitude of business types simply cannot provide you with the same level of customer service that we can.  Don't talk to just an SEO expert; talk to an SEO expert who is also in your profession.

A note about conflicts of interest with our professional business and yours:

1.  We do not work with direct competitors of our profession.  Period.  Furthermore, we generally stay out of the geographical area in which we practice law, insurance, or accounting and if we do work with professionals in that area we do so only because we feel the circumstances are such that a conflict of interest does not exist.  Any potential conflict of interest is disclosed to our clients during the initial consultation.

2.  We try not to saturate an area with our SEO services.  We try hard not to compete against ourselves, so we may limit, for example the number of bankruptcy attorneys in any given area for whom we provide SEO services.  We don't have a hard rule about this, but we believe that is the best business model to insure our company continues to grow and we continue to get results for our clients.

If you have any concerns regarding conflicts of interest, please speak with your account representative.