What exactly is "On Page" SEO? content is king

On Page SEO is probably the most important kind of SEO, and as such requires the most work.  On Page SEO is making sure the actual content of your website - your introduction, your frequently asked questions page, your form submission page - are all written in such a way that search engines find your website and list it in their search results. Content really is king.

How does the content of your website help people find you?

When search engines like Google are crawling the web, indexing websites, they are trying to find high quality sites that provide the most helpful information.  

This is why the actual content of your website is more important than any other kind of SEO.  Which is why using In the Know SEO gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors who are using SEO companies that do not understand your profession. Writing copy for a law firm or insurance agent is more complex and specialized than writing content for a pizza shop. 

At In the Know SEO, we work only with attorneys, insurance agents, and accountants, and all of the content we write is drafted and/or proof read by a licensed, practicing lawyer or insurance agent. We are successful in our own right as professionals, but we are also SEO and technology experts.  We noticed that our fellow professionals were overwhelmed trying to learn all there is to know about Internet marketing. The complexity of how search engines work requires knowledge that most business owners are not interested in learning or simply don't have the time to learn.  While most professionals are not so successful that they don't need to advertise, advertising the wrong way can be worse than not advertising at all.  

We know how to draft content that will get your website noticed by search engines

On Page SEO is hard work. It requires writing content that is interesting, informative, and has all the right keywords and keyphrases search engines are looking for.  It also requires that the coding in your website complies with the latest standards and is organized in such a way that search engines understand how your site is organized.

We offer two kinds of On Page SEO assistance

We write all of the content, after significant consultation with you 

This requires the least amount of work on your part, because we take care of everything.  You obviously review and approve everything.  We bill on an hourly basis, using increments of six minutes, and provide detailed time sheets for your review on a regular basis.  Even though we are writing the content, your input is critical, so we will be discussing the content with you as we progress to make sure you are happy with it and we are confident we know what you are looking for.

You write all the content, and we modify it for SEO purposes 

This would require you to write all of the content for your website, with us adding the right keywords to help search engines find you.