One dissatisfied customer is worse for your business
than 20 satisfied customers are good for it.  

That's because people who are unhappy love to complain - and you can't really blame them.

No business can provide perfect customer service, and there are bound to be a few dissatisfied clients.  But there are ways to minimize the damage that might be caused by those dissatisfied clients, while also increasing the benefits of the clients who are satisfied.

Managing your firm's on line reputation requires several steps:

1.  Find out what people are saying about you.  

How do you do this?  You could Google your name every day.  Or you could have Google do it for you.  You can set up a Google Alert for your name.  Every time Google crawls the web and finds a new entry with your name, you will get an email with a ink to the site.

2.  Encourage fellow professionals to endorse you on websites liked LinkedIn.  

The easiest way to make that happen is for you to endorse them first.

3.  Encourage your satisfied clients to post reviews about you on various review websites like and Google+.  

Don't be shy about sending clients a link to those sites once your service is complete, and while your clients are happy with your services.  And don't forget to thank them appropriately when they do.

A note of caution: beware of reputation management companies that claim to have the ability to erase negative content on the web.  Search engines are not easily fooled and these services are extremely expensive.  The best way to maintain your reputation and promote your business is with a comprehensive SEO campaign.  It isn't magic; it's just hard work.