Good Website Design and SEO: You can't have one without the other

Getting Visitors to Stayweb design chart

A comprehensive SEO Campaign will get more people to visit your website, with the goal of getting the right people to your website: potential clients who are looking for the services you provide.  However, once we get potential clients to your website, you have to make sure they stick around.  Read what your site has to say.  Learn about you.

Potential clients, when looking for lawyers for example, want to know about your background, your fees, your experience, and your philosophy.  Family law clients are looking for one kind of lawyer, whereas estate clients are looking for a very different kind of lawyer.

Since our SEO and Design teams are supervised by a leading professional in your profession, whether that be an attorney, licensed insurance agent, or accountant, we know how to create a website that will be tailored to what you do better than most.

Website Design Rule #1:  Be Beautiful

Let's face it, having a website that looks like it was designed in 1999 is not going to keep people on your site, regardless of how amazing of an SEO Campaign you have.  We used modern, clean templates, which can be customized to fit your tastes, which work in all browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera). Furthermore, our websites are all created with "responsive design", which means they will work in smaller screen browsers, like cell phones and tablets.  There should be no spelling errors or other typos.  High quality graphics, your logo, and a photo of you are a must.

Website Design Rule #2:  Be Informative

We have the experience to work with you to create copy that answers the questions your potential clients are looking for.  The more information on your website, the more search engines will treat it as a resource, the higher your rankings.  Your site can't have just generic information; it needs to be specific.  We have the tools to show you the exact queries people are typing into search engines, which are bringing them to your site.  We can also see how long a person stays on your site, how many pages they visit, what page they come in on (for example if you have a Frequently Asked Question page, that might be the page Google brings them to first) and the page they leave on.  We can even see what browser they are using and what search engine they used.

Website Design Rule #3:  Be Easy to Navigate

Redundancy is the key to easy navigation.  Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for.  Have a "contact us" link in a few places on your site: in the menu, on the bottom of your site.  Have links from one page on your site to another, so if you mention one topic on one page, have a link to another page on your site that talks about that topic in greater detail.

Menu Structure - should be based on how clients think and what they are looking for.  Only a web design company familiar with your business will be able to properly advise you on how to accomplish this. 

Website Design Rule #4:  Have Multiple Ways to be Contacted

 A phone number, an email address, a "contact us" form, a fax number.  Make it easy for someone to contact you.

Website Design Rule #5:  A Beautiful Website is Useless if No One Finds It

Finally, you need an excellent SEO Campaign so that potential clients can find your beautiful, informative, easy to navigate website.  At In the Know SEO, we do just that.  To see our different SEO Plans, visit our What's Included page.